Self Care

Self Care

Posted by Shé-marie Holness - Owner & CEO The Highbiscus Collective & Brown Kids Matter on Apr 12th 2023

We often define self-care as that one day of the week where you pamper yourself, put on a robe and drink some champagne, I define self-care a little differently however and would like to look at three of what I call the “Seven Self Serves”

Self-serve 1: Self Compassion - Unfortunately we are surrounded by a very harsh world, where we are told “no” twice as much as we hear “yes”, a world where we hold negativity captive and rest is often riddled with worry, anxiety and doubt.

When faced with this kind of reality we tend to turn that negativity inward when what we should really do is have empathy toward ourselves.

As humans we are flawed and that’s perfectly alright, instead of being angry at ourselves we should strive to take the time and address issues while loving to ourselves.

Self-serve 2: Self-acceptance - It is crucial that we are able to accept ourselves so that we can live our most authentic lives and as a result achieve personal success.

Unfortunately, we spend both the most and least time with ourselves.. how then can we accept ourselves if we do not know who we are?

How do you even start? - Here’s what worked for me…I started by saying three positive “I am…..”sentences every morning in the mirror. I must admit I didn’t believe these statements initially but after 3 weeks of consistently doing it, I began to truly appreciate the being that I was, which brings us to our next self-serve

Self-serve 3: Self-Appreciation - This is often where we see commercialized ‘self-love practices take root, as they should, but self-appreciation can be something as simple as congratulating yourself after a small win, being accountable for what is currently happening in your life and applauding your tenacity and diligence

Self-appreciation also means baring your body in front of the mirror and loving what you see, and denying yourself nothing.

You deserve to be joyful in whatever your current state is.

Self-care can include taking vitamins, going to the therapist, being accountable and introspective, buying yourself roses… If the only constant in life is change, then ensure that whatever you are evolving into is loved by you.

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