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    At Venus Power, we provide a holistic approach in whole body health. All of our Yoni Eggs are GIA certified to guarantee top quality. Our herbs are all organic and of superior quality to help ensure that the body is properly aligned and not to introduce any new toxins. As a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and Certified in Natural Medicine, Venus Power ensures to provide quality service and knowledge. 

Yoni eggs have helped women heal and strengthen their inner sanctum. Along with enhancing sensual pleasures, by relieving tension. Yoni eggs are a vital tool for a healthy Yoni at every phase of life. They are the only natural, holistic, non-synthetic vaginal exercise weights in the world. They are non-porous, making them naturally anti-microbial and safer. 

All of our Teas and Yoni Steams are carefully crafted to provide a unique blend which will show results. We take our time to carefully study and test each product for quality assurance. Growing up in a holistic family, natural healing has always been a part of our daily lives. Being certified in Natural Medicine, we take our knowledge and experience to everyone all over the world.

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