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Introducing Irish Moss, the perfect addition to any diet, especially for vegetarians. This remarkable superfood stands out as one of the most nutritionally complete foods globally, boasting an impressive composition of 92 out of 102 essential minerals vital for achieving optimum nutritional completeness. Among its abundant offerings, Irish moss shines with rich reservoirs of calcium, iodine, potassium iodide, potassium bromide, selenium, zinc, and natural silica.

Please be informed that our Irish Moss product is meticulously made and packed to order, ensuring utmost quality and freshness.

Why Choose Our Irish Moss?

  1. Pure and Organic: Our product is free from any fillers, guaranteeing 100% pure Organic Sea Moss in convenient vegan capsules.

Unlock the Multifaceted Benefits:

  • Boost Immunity: Elevate your immune system with the nourishing power of Irish Moss, providing essential support for your overall well-being.

  • Rid the Body of Infections: Harness the anti-microbial properties of Irish Moss, supporting your body's efforts to combat infections.

  • Support Thyroid Health: Experience the thyroid-supporting benefits of this superfood, enhancing your thyroid's optimal function.

  • Aid in Weight Loss: Incorporate Irish Moss into your weight loss journey, benefiting from its potential in supporting your efforts.

  • Provide Digestive Support: Embrace digestive harmony with the assistance of Irish Moss, promoting a healthier gut.

  • Rid the Body of Mucus: Experience the mucus-eliminating properties of Irish Moss, supporting your respiratory health.

  • Improve Joint Health: Enhance your joint health and mobility, thanks to the potent properties of Irish Moss.

  • Provide Anemia Relief: Combat anemia with the nutrient-rich nature of this superfood.

  • Mood Enhancer: Experience a lift in your mood with the nourishing goodness of Irish Moss.

  • Slow Down Signs of Aging: Embrace age-defying properties as Irish Moss supports a youthful glow.

Unlock the Superfood Potential of Irish Moss

Discover the true power of Irish Moss - a superfood that enriches your body with essential nutrients and multifaceted benefits. Elevate your health and vitality with this remarkable addition to your diet. Don't miss out on the numerous advantages - embrace the superfood potential of Irish Moss today!

Read more about Sea Moss here

What is Included:

60 or 120 Vegan-Friendly Capsules- 700 mg


Ingredients: Organic Sea Moss, Capsules are Vegan and made from Water and HPMC (derived from vegetable cellulose) 100% natural, these capsules contain no preservatives, no gelatin, wheat, animal by-products, or starch.

 Warning: Irish Moss functions as a thinner. As a result, individuals that are taking anticoagulant medications (blood thinners) should abstain from using Irish Moss in any form.

The color of Irish moss powder can vary from tan to dark grey depending on the lot. The color of the plant can vary from greenish-yellow all the way to a dark purple.

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    Quality product

    Posted by Ms Nancy on Sep 1st 2019

    Thank you so much.

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    Love this Sea Moss

    Posted by komplexk on Aug 30th 2019


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    Fast Delivery!

    Posted by N. Walker on Aug 26th 2019

    Thank you! everything was great, fast delivery and the sea moss is excellent!

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    Posted by Peaceandlove on Aug 26th 2019

    Thumbs up !!

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    Great A+

    Posted by Odom on Aug 19th 2019

    Great service and Great quality product

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    Sea Moss

    Posted by UPT 215 on Aug 14th 2019

    Good product and what I needed

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    Posted by CityLight on Jul 29th 2019

    Great seller and company!! Excellent and Fresh seamoss!

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    Awesome and great quality!

    Posted by FitShop on Jul 22nd 2019