Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator Bag - 4 Pieces (Green, Orange, Beige & Blue )

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Purifying Bags contain high only quality bamboo charcoal made from bamboo five years or older. Fresh bamboo plants are treated at 800°C to 1000 °C in brick kilns for several weeks to form charcoal with millions of porous micro-structures that absorb pollutants and excess moisture. Only the optimal size of charcoal particles are chosen for Homy Feel Air purify Bags that are the best for purifying. 

How Does It Work?
The microporosity of the charcoal provides more than sufficient surface area that absorbs gas molecules naturally without any chemical reactions. While the purifying process is not immediate as with chemical sprays, it is the best safe and healthy way to purify air. Bamboo charcoal is scientifically proven to be an efficient way to remove harmful chemicals from paint and new furniture. Air purity Bags also absorb other unpleasant odors such as smoke, pet smells and cooking residues. The Homy Feel Air purifying Bags also removes excess moisture that might create mold and bacteria. 
Typically a 200g Homy Feel bamboo charcoal bag will cover up to 100 sq ft. For faster results, we recommend doubling or tripling the number of bags by placing them evenly throughout the space so there is better contact with the air flow. 
It is suitable in every room of a home, including the kitchen and refrigerator, the bedroom closets and clothes drawers, the bathroom, basement, pet space, and car. Inside your car, the best way to eliminate odors is the place the charcoal bag overnight and remove it during the day. Direct sunlight and heat during the day might cause the charcoal bag to release odors. 

How to Use?
Place the bag where it will have the most airflow, such as at an air conditioner vent or simply hang it in the air with the hook included. Recharge your bag every month by placing it in direct sunlight for a couple of hours or more frequently.
  • Air purifiers bag with natural material, made up with top class bamboo charcoal, best odor absorber for kitchen and refrigerator, the bedroom closets and clothes drawers, the bathroom, basement, pet space, and car.
  • Clear your house in a natural way- processed with high-temperature oxygen-free carbonization, then choose the best charcoal. Fragrance-Free (Bamboo Charcoal Bag itself does not smell), Chemical Free and Non- Toxic, Reusable for up to 2 years!
  • Best dehumidifier and eliminate all odors- Wet and moist air usually causes bad smell and mildew, bacteria and mold will grow with a strange odor. Use our products to clear them all. Better than baking soda.
  • Easy to Use-Just hang them on the bedside, wardrobe, or just put in a corner of your car, fridge, etc. Bring our Homy Feel natural air freshener bags to clear your air.
  • The activated charcoal bag is perfect odor remover & deodorizer! Comes with 4 12-inch long slings, Excellent housewarming gift set!


Included: Each order includes a total of 4 Charcoal filled Bags - 1 Orange, 1 Blue, 1 Beige, 1 Green


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    Posted by Burns on Jun 4th 2020